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P2 Productions Presents:


The Red Ram is a Superhero created and written by Psychiatrist, Paul Rashid MD.  The Red Ram: Toxic Suicide detective story deals with topics including anxiety, depression, alcoholism, opioid addiction and suicide.  Important issues that our world deserves to understand and heal.

The Red Ram Costume!

The first look a the Red Ram from Front, Side and Back.

Red Ram in Color.jpg

The Red Ram - In Color!

Red Ram 5 crop.PNG

ENTER: The Red Ram

The Script

Honored to be collaborating with editor David Gallaher, 2009 Harvey Award-Winning comic book creator.

Working with David was a wonderful creative exercise and helped me discover deeper elements of each character.

David took my original story arc and polished it into a beautiful gem!

Red Ram Script_edited.jpg
Red Ram Copyright.JPG
Red Ram Copyright.JPG

It's Offical:
The Red Ram Copyright

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